The appeal of your home is something that you should look after with. Some homeowners would hire a landscaper to help them with the landscaping of their home to add appeal to their curb. However, if you have a smaller property and no lawn to landscape there are still ways to transform the exterior of your home without worry. You will have to expend some time, effort and money but with proper planning you can have the best look afterward.  

Exterior of your Home


The easiest and cheapest way to transform the exterior of your home is to use some exterior house paint, you will have to work out what the best color is that will complement the overall look of the house. For the most part you also have to do a little research and make sure the best paint for the type of weather in your area. You should also decide what kind of finish you want to have in the end.  


The roof is one of the things that a person will notice in your home. That is why a well maintained roof will dramatically increase the value and appeal of a property. Roof replacement is not a cheap investment, they usually would cost you a pretty penny and so if you have the budget you should get your roof looked after. You don’t have to do the drastic move of replacing your existing roof. You can just have someone to slap a paint on it and you’re good.  

Extensions and Additions  

You can also consider house extensions as a way to improve your home a good go. You can maybe add a patio or a deck to your home or add a whole new structure in the side of your house. This could be a studio or what not. Depending on the purpose of your addition you should also work your way and ensure that you still prepare for it. Meaning even if the additions are simple there should still be a solid plan with it.  


This is a subtle change in the home but will still bring in new light to the charm of your home. Updating your windows or window frames is a good move. Depending on the update it can range to within the budget to way out of your budget. This is also a good time to check if you have a functional window or if it is starting to get squeaky or ratty on your home.  


You should also consider updating your front doors or any other doors in your home. You can either have it painted an interesting color or you can also change the door itself with something that works better for you. You will have to decide what materials work best for you and what look you are going for to tie up the whole thing together. You just have to remember that whatever project you are thinking of tackling you should always plan it out if you want your investment to be good.